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We all know article marketing is one of the best tools for SEO and for brining traffic to your website.  Here is a list of article directories with PageRank and how many links are allowed in the body and author bio sections, also if they allow html.

URL Alexa Pagerank NoFollow Links in Article Anchor Text Links in Bio Anchor Text
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suite101.com 647 7
buzzle.com 704 6
helium.com 1282 6
goarticles.com 1650 4 3 yes
articlesnatch.com 1676 5 NF
articlealley.com 2186 5 NF 5 yes 5 yes
articledashboard.com 3116 5
selfgrowth.com/articles.html 3400 5
ideamarketers.com 3993 5
bukisa.com 4127 5 NF
amazines.com 5019 3 5 yes bio in article
isnare.com 5257 6 2 yes
searchwarp.com 5441 5 NF
articlecity.com 5606 6 2 no
infobarrel.com 6625 4 1 yes
sooperarticles.com 6925 5 yes 3 yes
articleclick.com 7149 4 2 yes
articlecube.com 7558 0 3 yes
articlerich.com 7587 3 yes 3 yes
a1articles.com 8061 5 NF
submityourarticle.com/articles/ 8963 4
articlestars.com 9361 2 3 yes
web-source.net 9868 3
abcarticledirectory.com 10340 4 3 yes
articlecompilation.com 10634 0 3 yes
articlesfactory.com 10729 4 3 yes
articlepool.com 10949 0 3 yes
site-reference.com 11156 5 3 yes
EvanCarmichael.com 11217 3
articleslash.net 11432 5 3 yes 3 yes
upublish.info 12054 4 2 yes
e-articles.info 13323 4 2 yes
acmearticles.com 13363 3 2 yes
articlenexus.com 13385 0 1 yes 3 yes
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articlemonkeys.com 16531 4 NF
affsphere.com 17459 3 3 yes 3 yes
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The World Wide Web is a vast hub of virtual communities and businesses that continues to rise in popularity and rapidly increasing in population. Online businesses are now facing difficult competition among other virtual enterprises because of the easy and quick access to the Internet. Another product of the Internet is the social media sites, where people can constantly communicate and post their most recent activities. The growing fame of these social media sites became a great opportunity of online entrepreneurs because of the fact that people gather and cluster around these social media sites. These social media sites have been proven to be a dependable place to look for potential customers and to gather real visitors on your website. With these facts about social media sites, another Internet marketing strategy has emerged called the social media optimization (SMO).

Social media sites have provided people with a great opportunity to communicate real time – no need for phone calls and no more waiting for email replies. Online businesses can make use of these social media sites to promote their products and services to a significant number of potential customers.

Two of the most popular social media sites are Facebook and Twitter. Facebook is a social media site that can be very useful in marketing your products and services. Facebook hosts about 300 million users all over the world and aboutFacebook Optimization half of this statistics are expected to check their accounts on a daily basis. Facebook allows online businesses to create their own profile page known as a Fan Page. You can invite people to like your profile page and you can keep themupdated through posts on your Wall and photo tagging. In addition, when you tag your contacts in Facebook, you directly magnify your target market – friends of your contacts can view the details of your tags. Facebook is a powerful tool that can quickly increase your popularity on the World Wide Web. Another advantage of using Facebook is the uniqueness of every URL on your account, which can be utilized to create quality backlinks.

Twitter, on the other hand, is another social media site where people follow and are followed. Twitter is a micro-blogging site that allows you to post updates up to 140 characters. You can make use of Twitter as a social mediaTwitter Optimizationcampaign for your website publicity. The features of Twitter are highly useful in improving your business. Aside from the functionality and marketing opportunity that these social media sites offer, you can also make use of social media to further strengthen your Internet marketing strategies. If you are good in choosing your contacts, you can start building your mailing list and keeping in touch with people in the dame niche. Managing your contacts also simplifies your task of easily updating your customers for the most recent changes in your business. You can also use these social media sites to build your credibility and fill in the gaps in your online business.

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