Who enjoys paying their mobile phone bill? No hands? Ok, just checking. So what will it take to bring the 100% enjoyment of a phone back? What about the idea of a FREE cell phone using mobile advertising to pay for it? All you do it watch the advertisements for a brief period of time before or after a call, then enjoy the use of the phone. This form of advertising is often used by online web sites that offer information on various goods or services. When the ad shows up as a pop up or floating ad, the only way to get through it to read the desired article is to close the pop up. With online videos, an ad that looks like a full-blown television ad will play for 10 seconds or so before the desired video plays. This is how the web site can offer their videos or information free of charge to the viewer. The advertisers pay the web site owners for the number of views that the video has. Why not use this concept on a mobile phone?

Advertising is a part of the commercial world we live in. There is no way to escape it unless you move to an uninhabited desert island with no internet. Even with that you might have to put up with passing ships that have logos of some of the largest companies in the world on their shipping containers. Being on a desert island for too long of a time may bring one to a point of actually being happy to see anything besides sea gulls, lizards and coconuts, especially if they gave you a ride back to civilization. Of course you would have to put up with all the advertising once again.

So what if one were paid for watching ads? To see the videos online, all they ask for is to watch a short advertisement. That is not too much to ask, right? Therefore, watching the ad is the cost of having the free video to watch and it was really a cool video. Major news organizations use the same method of showing an ad before getting to see the latest news story. It makes sense because they have tremendous costs involved in building a web site. The advertisers know that people will come to see these videos on the web site, so they pay to have their ads places on the video just before the meat and potatoes news story.

It is time for a raise. Why settle for just a video as payment? A cell phone is much more desirable as payment for watching advertisements, right? A video is nice, news is good, but a cell phone? Come on! A cell phone is an absolute necessity for existing unless one is on a desert island where there are no cell towers for miles and miles. Given the current technology, this is a simple concept that is ready for the light of day. The next thing to wonder is, how many ads will one have to watch per free minute of cell phone use?

Hi everyone,

I have started up a new article directory – FindArticlesFrom.  It’s WordPress based and very simple to use.  These articles are very SEO friendly and should appear very high in rankings in the near future. Also, the author guidelines cannot be any easier.  To submit an article all you have to do is:

  1. Create an account
  2. Login
  3. Paste your article
  4. Insert your links
  5. Then hit post

It’s that simple!  Being SEO friendly –  you have the option to insert your keywords and description for SEO purposes.  Just fill in the meta tags, in the section right below the article.

I hope to get some articles soon.


Google announced Google Instant a few weeks ago. Google instant is where you start typing and you see instant results – you start typing, it starts displaying results. No need for the enter button anymore.

So how has this changed SEO for me and my clients?

Well I am currently working on an SEO project for a local dentist office. Some of the big keywords I target is ‘dentist some location’. Such as ‘dentist Dallas’. But now with Google instant, as you start to type ‘dentist some location’ the results display ‘dentist city state abbreviation’ like dentist dallas tx in the picture below.

As a result I now have to change my seo localization efforts to ‘keyword city st abbreviation’. This is something to think about when you are implementing a localization SEO campaign. Talking to clients or potential clients about this can be sure to leave them a good impression.