Earth’s population will reach 7 billion people this year.  Now imagine that everyone or close to everyone in the world having access to the internet.  That means your business could potentially reach 7 billion people.

Of course that is, you are optimized right.

2011 is a good time to start, starting today can help you for the future.  You definitely do not want to get left behind on the internet and the 7 billion people.

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Facebook + Apple iOS + Google Search

Imagine a Facebook back-end with a profile view of Apple iOS front end.  You, bands, companies could create customized profile pages for the public.  Think about all the cool apps that could be displayed on your profile page:

  • Interactive games
  • Photo journals
  • Lists of friends
  • Music videos
  • Contests
  • Bumper stickers
  • Quotes

basically anything you could think of really.

Now add in Google search to the back-end.  Google could change their algorithm to add in your friends recommendations as one of the 200+ attributes.  Search would be come way more powerful.

Too bad this will never happen.  Each company is too greedy and has to OWN the entire internet.  The only way this will happen is if Google develops something.  I only say this because they already have 2 pieces – Android 2.2 and Search.  While Facebook and Microsoft only got the back-end and Bing, respectively.  And no Windows 7 does not count, its ugly and does not allow freedom.

But Google seems to not understand what people really want in the social media field. So they will mess up the back-end. Just keep it simple Google like Facebook.  Think, when was the last time you heard someone say they did not like something because it was too easy to use?  Now think about how many times you have stopped using something because it way too confusing.

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Google and Bing both rose in December.  Google’s market share rose to 66.6%, which is two-thirds of Americans.

Yahoo! on the other hand decreased from 16.4%t to 16.0%t in the same period, which could be something shareholders will interrogate Carol Bartz about when the company delivers its first-quarter earnings report.

Finally, Bing’s market share rose from 11.8% to 12.0% on a month-over-month basis, and while that’s good, it obviously wasn’t enough to put the Bing and Yahoo joint venture up on the whole.

Google is still the dominate player and should be the search engine to optimize fully for.  I bet more than two-thirds of your organic search comes from Google.  While Bing and Yahoo make over 25% of market share, I doubt you will get that much traffic.  It seems Bing’s market share is geared towards destination and not so much of the web as a whole.

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I HATE WRITING!  But I do it because I need to.  Just like search engine optimization (SEO).   Companies need to learn to dedicate and stick with it.  Yes at first, you probably will not see any major results but with time you will.

SEO is not fast past.  It’s very slow.  It takes about one year.  But once you are there, well… it’s a great feeling.

First or second in the rankings for nearly every keyword will improve your bottom line, I promise.    In fact, you will be making money hand over fists just from the search engines.

Companies need to realize though it takes building links and putting out great content over time.  Once these things are in motion, money will be following.

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Tracking a magazine ad campaign statistics on your website can be very confusing and difficult, especially if your ad displays an inner page url.  However, there are multiple ways to solve this problem, some are easy and some are more accurate.

Here is easiest way:

Analyze the % increase of traffic to your website when the magazine your ad is in is published. This method is the easiest but not the most accurate.

More complex but more accurate:

Analyze the direct entry traffic to your given url and monitor the % change in traffic.  You need to make sure no other entries are in your data, for example a referrer from Google.

A little more complex and little more accurate

You will need to create a new url on your webpage. Then, copy that inner page files to your new url.  Next, you will forbid the Google Robots from carling your page either through a 404 restricting certain bots or with robots.txt.  Finally, you will send all traffic to the new page from your ad.  This will allow you to monitor the statistics of your ad.  It will only include statistics from user who came from your ad.

Most complex but most accurate

You will need an analytics package on your server, not a 3rd party like Google Analytics.  You will create a new url where all your ad user will go.  Then you will redirect the url to the correct page on your website.  Using your analytics software you will be able to monitor how many times the new url has been accessed.

This way you won’t have to worry about indexing issues and duplicate content.

If you are reading this, then maybe you should think about hiring a Dallas TX SEO Consultant such as myself.