Oh my! JCPenny got busted doing some black hat SEO.  They were caught buying paid links by the ny times.  Over the last few months they having been secretly paying for links to help  them in search results. As a result, they had been a the top of the search engines for such terms like pants.

However, now Google has took the proper actions and penalized them.  Big time.  That’s what they get.  What we they thinking.

What’s funny is how they have an SEO firm but their OnPage is terrible. Almost embarrassing.

Let’s take a closer look.

When we first arrive at jc penny’s website we are redirecting to http://www3.jcpenney.com/jcp/default.aspx.   Why?  I understand they have multiple servers, but this has to be cleaned up and made to be user and search engine friendly.

Secondly their page titles don’t work.  Let’s look at the mens pants page title.  JCPenny : men : pants.  Really? Try reversing it. Pants| Men| JCPenny

Finally, text.  They have zero text. Not even descriptions. Everything is graphics. Replace some of the graphics with text.   This is ridiculous.

I could easily name more problems but I simply don’t have time to talk about JCPenny.

Make sure when you are choosing an SEO firm that they do not buy links for ANY of their clients.  If they do, then you already know they don’t follow the rules and you should run for the hills.  Well at least just don’t choose them


I’ve mentioned in the past Google has been focusing on going local (if you would like more info on how to rank locally in Google, check out this post).   Now there has been changes in the rankings lately for broad terms.

What do I mean by that?

Lets take the search term – Advertising Firms.  Now depending on where you are located you will see different results.  If you are in Dallas you will see some Dallas advertising firms and some national advertising firms.   If you were Houston you would some  Houston advertising firms with a mix of some national advertising firms.

No longer is it just about ranking for just geo specific terms now it is important to try to rank for broad terms.

Basically, from what I can tell, it will pull the highest ranking company for your area for that broad term and display it.  Then it will take the next and so forth.  But once it hits so many companies it shows the general broad results.

I don’t know how long it will take for Google to fully implement for all search terms, but it appears to be slowly rolling out.   I will keep in touch about this.