Google is updating their “Google Profile” pages.  In fact, the new redesign looks a lot like, ummm Facebook.

With the profile picture on the left.  It also has an education section, employment section. And it also contains a Buzz tab.  What is Buzz? Well buzz contains your feed.  It displays ‘likes’, recent comments, recent posts, etc…


Google Profile Redesign

Doesn’t is look like Facebook?


What’s different about this though, is that it is public and it connects you to the whole internet, not just within the system.  Allowing you to have a profile across multiple platforms like Youtube.  On a side note, you wan’t to be more careful about personal information, as now it will be displayed to the entire web.  If your password contains your interest, I would not list that interest.

But what’s more important about this is it effect on accountability.  Accountability will help with spam and it will affect SEO.  It’s nice to see this feature, as this will help real websites and eliminate junk ones.

Is it a Faecbook killer? I don’t know.  But it will surely help Google with search results and social media.  Something they have been trying for years.  Looking at the rising trend of social versus search here.

But let’s not get carried away too fast.  Facebook is still the king of social interaction, and should be part of any online marketing plan.



It appears Google is starting to use interchangeable words more often in search results.  If you do a search for “advertising firm” you will get results for that term plus “advertising agency” mixed in together.  If you take it a step further and search for “advertising firms”, you will get that term plus “advertising agencies”.

However, this does not happen for all search results.  This could be for two reasons.  1. They are just starting to roll it out or 2. It only replaces lightly searched phrases with heavier searched phrases.  My guess is, it is just starting to roll it out.

This is created and SEO problem for me because I was targeting the keyword firm or firms, now I have to change to agency.  But I like the change.  It actually makes Google better.

So far Google is making search better.  They are now using interchangeable words but also have improved with mixing in local with broad searches.

As I see more results, I will update this.