Now I don’t know if Google really did take my advice and create the +1 button.  But I did suggest it.  In fact, if you go to Matt Cutt’s blog and look at a post for webspam projects in 2010,,   I clearly state they should invent an iLike button.

Here is my comment:

Robert July 27, 2010 at 6:18 pm

Hi Matt!

Maybe Google should invent an “iLike” button to help clarify what is good content versus useless junk. Yes it can be spammed but at least you will have user profiles to see who is spamming.

Just a thought.

I’m just saying – I posted this almost a year ago and now it appears.  I’m going to go ahead and say “Good Job Robert!”

In all seriousness I am happy Google did this, this will make search results much better and will also help with current trending content.


I recently signed up for Dropbox and I love it.  Dropbox allows you to drop any type of file in a folder on your computer. It can be a picture, document, torrent, zip file, whatever you want.   When dropped into the folder it will automatically upload to your online account and any other place you have Dropbox folders.  Making it easy to transfer files between two computers. No more emailing or ftp-ing files to the internet.

With Dropbox you only get 2GB for free.  But that is way more than enough for what most people need.

This is great because I am working on a website and now I can work on with my laptop and desktop without having to manually update the files.

You can also use it to backup files and pictures.  I do that as well.

Since music has pretty large files, you should try the amazon cloud player, where you can upload your music and play them anywhere.  You start off with 5BG of free storage but you can upgrade to 20 if you buy a music album from their store.  They also have an Android app which is perfect for me and my Droid X.


We are pleased to announce that an RJD International property is launching the very first ever online blogging certification.  Please stop by to become a certified blogger.  It only costs $19.95.

Blogger Inc. is much more than just a certification site though.  It also encompasses blogging tools, forum for advice, and community (like facebook) for talking to other bloggers and sharing your thoughts.  This website is intended to be a one stop shop for all things related to blogging.

If you have questions please email to