RJD International is proud to announce a new property we are working on: Life Saving Training Institute – Online CPR Certification Course.

It will offer cpr certification, first aid certification, and combo certification.

The property is moving along very quickly and we suspect it should be done in the next two weeks.  We will let you know when it is ready. When it’s ready we will give out coupons for you followers.


Osama has been killedOsama Bin Laden is dead! Thank God! I know it has been a rough 10 years but the american soldiers and military have finally defeated the mastermind. In fact, Osama was killed the same day Hitler died – ironic huh?

What’s funny about this though is Osama’s hiding place is on Google Places, labeled as “Osama Bin Laden’s Compound’. You should read some of the comments being posted. They are pretty funny.

Here are some of them:

“Located in cozy, quiet neighborhood. Interrupted only occasionally by machine gun fire. Lacking in ameneties, but an up and coming area. Handyman special. One satellite phone available with smoking bullet hole for comms back home. CIA helicoptors offering complimentary air lift service for corpses. Great property to get away from it all. Must See! ”

“Disappointed in the service. The only thing on the menu was goat flesh, and the place reeked of burning garbage.”

“Heard this used to be an amusement park, now it’s a historical site? Aside from the complimentary dialysis machine use, easy underground access to Pakistan’s beautiful vast cave system, and free toaster waffles, it’s a pretty big dump. The food wasn’t organic, the wifi was spotty at best, absolutely no cell coverage, (yelp reviews were so wrong on that one) and no one spoke English. To make it worse, the country’s best basketball player, some 6’7″ dude with a turban, gets shot our first night there. And the coffee was cold. We’re so not coming back. ”

Those were some of my favorite.  Go over there and give some reviews.  Here’s the the address “Osama bin Laden’s Compound, Abbottābad, Pakistan”

Why do I love Google and despise Facebook?  It’s really just a matter in the culture created by the founders of each company.

Google’s motto is “Do No Evil.” While Facebook’s is “Do Evil” – not really, but should be.  Let’s take a closer look at each company.

Google – Search Engine Giant.  They collect lot’s of public information and sometimes not so public information.  What do they do with this information?  They basically just organize it and store.  They do use it for marketing purposes and collecting statistics. Do you really care if they use your information to show you relevant advertisements?  I personally would rather have advertisements about my interests rather than say tampons.

What products do they build? They build open source products, most of the time free too. They are one of the few companies in the world who produce open source software.  You cannot hate a company who lives by this., especially if it’s free.

What’s evil about them?  Not  a whole lot.  They try to do no evil.  Some people worry about 0them collecting too much information and becoming a monopoly.  How you can have a monopoly on a non-patent, free industry I don’t know.  Anybody can build a search engine.

Google also ran into privacy concerns in other countries because of Google Street collecting wifi data from customers.  That’s kinda bad.  But did they do anything with it? No.

Facebook – social media platform giant. They collect lots of private information. What do they do with it?  Show you relevant ads just like Google.

What products do they build? Only ones that can operate on their platform like email.  But it’s not about what products do they build, but! about who else builds them for Facebook.  Facebook allows outside

developers to tap into your private data for their software, rather it be a game or location app.

What’s evil about them? Their CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, to begin with. He’s constantly in legal battles for supportively stealing and cheating out former partners.

Next, Facebook adds updates to security features, but always does it the wrong way.  They make information public by default sometimes instead of private – giving out your private data.

Finally, just look at the recent PR stunt they tried on Google.  Facebook secretly got a PR agency to spread fake rumors about Google. Enough said.

I support a company who builds open source products and doesn’t play dirty.  Just because Google is big, doesn’t make them evil.