Google Doodle GuitarThis has to be by far the coolest Doodle Google has ever done.  It appears to be done in html5.

What is soo cool about it?

  • You can play the guitar.
  • Record you playing it.
  • Then Share with other people via url shortner.

Very “well played” Google.


Google recently made some new additions to its services.  Google now supports voice search.  When you go to the google homepage you will see a little microphone on the right side of the search field.  If clicked upon, it will allow you to speak-to-text.

Google Search with VoiceI know its nothing to exciting but it’s different and nice to see that are still working on things.

The other thing they added was instant page loading.  Now this can only be done in the Chrome browser.  But this feature is actually pretty neat.  When Google is 99% sure or so it will pre-load the page. So when you do a search and Google is positive for what you are looking for it will load the page.  Then when it is clicked it will not have to download, resulting in 0.0 seconds to load the page.  It just makes searching faster.

It also does it if you are typing in the browser spot of the toolbar.

Check them out, they are fun to play with.

All you ever hear about lately is how Google wants to get more into the social media space. Well what better way than buying the #2 platform, Twitter.  You can even make an argument Twitter will be #1 in a few years.

Why does is it make sense for Google?

  • Twitter is an open platform, unlike Facebook. This  seems to fit the bill considering Google wants everything open source.
  • #2 platform, enough said.
  • With everybody and their mom trying to ask to be your friend on Facebook, you might as well be on Twitter where everyone can see it. Facebook is too big for itself, and as a result uncool amongteenagers. Really teenagers only want to communicate with other teenagers not their uncles.
  • Google could stop putting these twitter feeds among organic search results.  It’s just too damn ugly.
  • Finally, Google needs something to make it current.  Sure android is cool, but so is the iPhone.  This is something Microsoft or Apple don’t have.

Google don’t be scared.  Go out there and be current, not old and mature.