Google+ is interesting.  Although it’s very similar to Facebook.

I think Google+ is going to be small business related while, facebook will remain very social.  The problem with Google+ is noone is using it, so noone has any friends.  It’s kinda lame in that aspect.

I really don’t want to publish too much yet as I have not used it enough.  But I will definitely bring an update and as well with a link to my profile.



Sorry guys for not keeping up with my blog, but there has been a lot of Google news lately.  From google+, to page redesign, even gmail redesign.  But what does all this mean for internet marketing?

Not much really, Google+ might become another social media marketing avenue like Facebook but all in all it won’t change SEO or PPC. What Google really needs to do is redesign their search results – they are just plain ugly.

If you do a search for something local like “dallas pr firms” you get a mixture of local, places, and organic.

This is messy and confusing. Clients ask me all the time why they arent ranked here or there. This is dumb and Bing is much better in design on this.

If Google really wants to do better, they need to start inserting html5 and making this look better.

So Google stop focusing on other products and focus on your MAIN product.

– Robert out.