Google +1 SEO Signal

It’s no secret Google is in search for quality content, as it should be.  And with the +1 button it can help send signals to google that a piece of content is of quality.  See it like another ranking signal.

But what we don’t know is if this will be stronger than a backlink.  So is it more important to have a bunch of +1’s or a bunch of backlinks.

My guess is each signal will have an inverse logarithmic scale to it.  Meaning with each link or +1 only adds a marginal amount of juice.  And with each link or +1 after that a margin of that previous.  Meaning it will thin out over time and becomes less important for each every one added. I think it will be important to have a balanced linking structure, like I always preach.

I’m going to run some experimentation on this, so stay close.

This is a personal rant more than anything.  But the Picasa web albums suck for uploading pictures to.  I have a Droid X and it kept saying “waiting 1 minute to retry.”

However, this is not my personal problem.  This is a problem with Picasa in general.  If you go online you will see tons of these problems, from all different types of phones.  Some of these even date back to 2008!

For real? can they not fix this. How will you fix google+?  Should I switch to photobucket or flickr?

OR should I just keep retrying until it works? – which it finally did after 1 hour.

Rant Over!

dedicated servers

It appears a lot of companies have trouble deciding if they should get a shared hosting plan or a dedicated server for their website.

Well let’s make this quick and easy.

Is your websites main purpose to sell products (e-commerce) or tell about your company and it’s products?

If it is to sell products. Than dedicated server.  A dedicated server offers maximum speed.  Check out godaddy virtual servers.  If it is for telling about your business and it’s products then shared hosting offers better pricing and better security with companies with low IT budgets. Check out bluehost shared hosting plans.

It’s as simple as that.